Houston-Clear Lake, TX

Cost to Join

Registration ~ $75.00 per family “early bird” registration available until March 15. After March 15, the regular registration of $95.00 applies. Registrations may be paid online. After submitting your online registration, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay the fee either with Paypal or credit card.

This goes to the national Catholic Schoolhouse program, who provide us with support with director and tutor training. This will help further develop the program, and supports the CSH mission of helping Catholic homeschool communities thrive in order to mentor one another in the Faith. Additional donations are welcome.  It also gets you access to the members-only Basecamp forum and file directory to help support you in your daily homeschool.

Supply Fee ~ $85.00 per grammar student, or $165.00 per upper level student. Payable to your local director and it used entirely for the chapter. Used for art, science and classroom supplies. Everything will be provided saving you the time filling a school supply list.  Of course, your chapter will be good stewards and use the dollar store and back-to-school sales when appropriate.

Tuition ~ $250.00 per grammar student, or $300 per upper level student. Payable to your local director. Goes entirely to your facility and your child’s tutors!  It is a real bargain—just $2.56 per hour for instruction, science experiments, chorus, and an art class!

Please contact us with any questions.

 ***All fees are non-refundable***



Tour Guide ~ $28 per family.  Required.  This is the memory work for the year that you will want to review at home.

Memory Work CD Set ~ $40 per family Required.  Makes memory work easy and enjoyable!  Essential if you hope to gain any “car-schooling” time driving to and from Catholic Schoolhouse.

History Cards ~ $35 per family.  Required.  Necessary for learning the timeline.  Use them as flashcards. The backs provide a paragraph that acts as cheat sheet for you to talk about the subject with your student—and always sound smart!

CSH Art and Science ~ $36/$30 Optional.  In a registered program these will be provided for your art and science tutor at no cost.  If you wish to have the full–color, full-page art reproductions and background info to access at home, you are absolutely welcome to purchase your own copy.